Friday, September 11, 2020

Student of the week !

 Well Done to Paulina & Alex who were our Students of the Week this week and last week ! 

Monday, September 7, 2020

Welcome everyone to Senior Infants

We've had a lovely couple of weeks settling back into school again. It is different this year but we are all doing really well. We wash our hands lots and sanitize our toys every day. We sit in pods in the classroom and stay with our class bubble when playing on the yard. 

We have been revising the sounds we learned last year s, a, t and i. We are counting, talking about the number 3, reading stories and learning about feelings. We are playing and singing lots! Just ask us - we will show you at home. 

We are using ClassDojo too. If you have any problems with this let us know. 

You can contact us at or

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Suggested websites for English & Maths


Our resource teachers have kindly put together some website suggestions to help practise English & Maths skills. Please see list below. Hope that you find them helpful.


· This is a literacy game where you need to listen to and then choose the last sound to finish the word.

· This game is where you need to match the picture with each three letter word.

· You will need to read the three letter (CVC) words on these animated word machines.

· Sight Words Hopper. In this game you must help Cuz-Cuz jump over mud puddles. Each mud puddle features a sight word, such as "have" and "can," and you must jump over the correct sight word.

· Sight Words Demolition. Knock down a building by identifying high frequency words. Listen to the instructions and then find the sight words mentioned. If you get it right...boom!

· Read the sentences. Click on the words to hear what they say and learn the sounds that letters make.

· Put letters together to make different sounds: Th, Ch, Ph, Sh and make the rocket take off.

· Listen to the word that you need to spell and arrange the sounds on the boat to spell the word. Press on the big wave to see if you're right.

MATHS (Excellent for both maths & literacy) (Basic number recognition, number labelling, compare & ordering and addition)

*Carol Vorderman is running maths tutorials on It's free! just sign up, looks fun!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Activities to help improve Fine Motor skills

Hello all, Ms. Heduan has kindly put together a list of activities which may help improve your child's fine motor skills. Any questions please let us know. Thank you ! 

  • Shaving foam on a paper plate/tray , Use finger to write letters /words .

  • Parents draw various types of lines (zig-zag, curved etc), child traces over using markers, crayons etc and then cuts along the lines.

  • Dot to dot: Parent draw pairs of different coloured dots on a page. Vary the distance and end/start point. Child has to draw a line from green to green, red to red etc.

  • Dot painting using cotton buds and paint. Child could go over cvc words or the outlines of shapes using dots. Alternatively, they could fill in shapes, create patterns etc.

  • Shoebox/box and clothes pegs. Child has to place 20 pegs around the sides of the box as quickly as possible. Parent times the child. Child attempts to improve their time on their next attempt.

  • Child scrunches a square/rectangular/triangular piece of tinfoil into a ball. Child then unscrunches the ball to reform the shape.

  • Child tears tinfoil and covers various pasta shapes.

  • Threading using penne pasta and string.

  • Collages using newspapers, magazines, glue and scissors. Possible themes: people, colours, cars, animals, food etc.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Our School Rules are easy to remember ! Please have a chat about them at home

                                                                            KIND HANDS
                                                                            KIND FEET 
                                                                            KIND WORDS

September walkabout